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4 Things That Storage Companies Want You to Know

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When it comes to storing things, you might sometimes need extra space. Moving your possessions into any storage unit is the best choice, whether for your home or office. The storage industry is booming because of high demand.

If you’re relocating to a new office space or shifting to a new home, you will need storage spaces for the move. Your local movers in St. Augustine, FL, can take care of your belongings. To avoid any hiccups in the process, here are some things you need to know.

Know Your Vehicle

If you’re going to be using your own vehicle to move your belongings into a storage unit, you have to make sure the vehicle isn’t too big. Some facilities have tight, restricted corners, and large vehicles can’t easily maneuver into certain units.

Always make sure you’re measuring your loading vehicle’s dimensions and visit the storage unit in advance to avoid disruptions. To ensure your vehicle can reach the storage unit, check the storage unit’s position as well.

Check the Insurance Coverage

You can get renters insurance, and it will include storage insurance. When you hire a storage company, you should always check your insurance first. This will help you ensure that in case of any damages to your belongings, your insurance will protect some, if not all, of them. Most companies offer storage insurance, so you can ask them beforehand.

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Pick up, Loading, and Delivery

‍Another thing that concerns most customers about storage units is deciding who will pack the items, load, unload, and deliver them? You can go for ​​commercial movers and storage in St. Augustine, who will pack the items and load and unload them.

Some moving and storage companies might offer packages for these services, and some may charge additional fees. However, always make sure to hire companies who are offering such services instead of doing these things yourself or making separate bookings.

Choose the Right Storage Space

Lastly, you can always talk to the staff at storage companies so they can guide you about the right-sized storage unit for your belongings. You can give them an estimate of how much space you will need. You need enough room so all your stuff can fit in.

At Minorcan Moving & Storage Inc., our team can guide you on how much space you will need for your possessions. We offer moving and storage in St. Augustine, FL, and our team has extensive experience in residential and commercial mover services in St. Augustine.

You can also reach out to us for professional international moving & storage services in St. Augustine.