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4 Reasons You’ll Need a Self-Storage Unit for Christmas Décor

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Are you tired of the upcoming holiday stress? At Minorcan Moving & Storage Inc, the family-owned moving & storage service in St.Augustine, we understand how hectic the holidays get. There’s so much décor – much more that we’d like to have, but no space to put it all. That’s where a self-storage unit comes in. There are several reasons you’ll need one in time for Christmas; let’s look at a few.

Make Room For Holiday Décor

Around 88% say that the holiday season stresses them out, and a large part of that stress comes from dealing with the décor. Many people won’t buy the decorations they want because they don’t know what to do with what they have in the home while the décor is in its place. A self-storage unit is a perfect place to keep your belongings until the Christmas season is over. You can rent a storage unit and put your additional belongings in there and when Christmas is over, store the out-of-season decorations there.

Reclaim Your Spare Space

Did you know that people keep around 80% of items they’ll never use? This mostly gets stored away in a spare space in the house. If you have a spare room and don’t get house visitors, it’s likely cluttered. Then Christmas arrives, and you’re looking for a place your great aunt can sleep in. A self-storage unit is a solution here. It’s an excellent way to declutter and is easy to find. If there isn’t a separate storage facility near you, ask around your local moving and storage companies if they have units available for rent.

setting up Christmas decorations being set up

Set Up a Holiday Wrapping Station

Choose a part of your house and set it up as the holiday wrapping station. But what about the stuff that was already there? That’s where the storage unit comes in. You can temporarily move it to the storage unit and retrieve it later.

De-Cluttering The Home

While you declutter to make more space for the Christmas decorations, you’ll likely come across many things you’re unsure why you’re keeping and others you’ll want to get rid of. A busy holiday season isn’t the time to make big decisions like what to keep or throw out; you may regret it later. What you can do is get a storage unit for it and come back to it later.

Bonus: A Perfect Place To Hide Gifts!

A storage unit isn’t only a place to keep your Christmas décor as the holidays roll around. You can also use them to hide your gifts. No need to worry about finding a hiding spot or that your family will find their surprise Christmas gifts before it’s time. Renting out a small self-storage unit can solve the gift-hiding problem.

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