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How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

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Summer months are always fun and exciting for people looking to spend more quality time by the beach or the pool. However, sometimes transitioning from summer to fall and winter can be challenging without the right adjustments. Fall is officially here, making it crucial for everyone to do everything necessary to make the most out of the colder weather.

Preparing for fall isn’t just about styling warmer clothes or getting some cozy blankets out. In fact, like any other season, the fall season comes with much greater requirements for homeowners’ safety and comfort.

This primarily includes a wide range of home maintenance tasks, cleaning methods, renovations, and adjustments that’ll ensure that you spend the fall without getting sick or feeling uncomfortable.

With most people already preparing for fall and all the festivities it comes with, it’s high time to evaluate what your residential property needs to keep you warm and cozy at all times. Your preparation should also include working with the right moving company or residential movers if you’re planning a big house move soon.

If you’re unsure about where to get started to spruce up your home for all, here are a few different ways to help you out.

Make Thermostat Adjustments for Cooler Weather

One thing that a change of weather instantly affects is the indoor atmosphere and temperature. There’s a high chance of your house’s air conditioning being on during the summers. However, the transition to the fall months results in a cool breeze, especially at night, making you want to keep warm at all times. The best way to do this is by making the necessary thermostat adjustments suitable for cooler weather.

While you don’t want the indoor home temperature to be extremely warm just yet, it should be warm enough to get you through the fall. Whether your house has a singular HVAC unit or multiple smaller ones, start by looking at the existing temperature of different areas of the house. If the thermostat has summertime adjustments on it, make sure you increase the temperature according to the given guidelines of your thermostat.

This is a critical step for someone moving houses during or before the fall. You may wonder why the house feels so cold as soon you’ve moved in. Your home movers can always guide you about the ideal ways to unpack and settle into a new home, including the significance of adjusting the thermostat according to the weather. This will make your international or local move seamless and successful.

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Think About Furnace Cleaning for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Another crucial maintenance task that we often forget to think about during fall is furnace cleaning. There’s a high chance of home occupants getting the flu or a cold caused by the sudden cool weather. While the change of weather always has a part to play in this, unhealthy and polluted indoor air quality significantly contributes to it too.

This is usually a consequence of an unclean furnace, damaged ductwork, increased indoor moisture, or mold and mildew growth resulting from all the rains, storms, and HVAC usage from the summer. Therefore, when preparing your home for fall, ensure you’re extensively cleaning the house’s furnace before doing anything else.

While requesting professional maintenance is a good idea, you can always do it yourself too. Start by eliminating any soot on the furnace. Use a cloth and broom to wipe off grime and dust from the ductwork. If you suspect any technical issues or ignition problems in the furnace, have it urgently inspected before it gets worse.

Ideally, the furnace cleaning process should include a change of filters for clean indoor air, prepping the outdoor air conditioning unit for winter, changing or having the coils cleaned, and properly covering the HVAC unit to prevent outdoor elements from getting inside.

A clean furnace should always be a priority, even when moving into a new house. Make sure it’s thoroughly inspected before you work with residential movers to make a big move.

Make Sure the House’s Insulation is Perfect

Fall’s arrival is the biggest indicator that it’s about to be cold soon. This is the perfect time to look for insulation issues throughout the house and fix them as soon as possible. Apart from doors and windows, all the walls of your house should be perfectly insulated too.

This isn’t only essential to keep your house warm. In fact, it’s a significant feature of a sustainable home design because of its ability to save a significant amount of energy and money on energy bills every month. Therefore, if you’re moving to a new house or preparing your existing one for fall soon, make sure that the insulation of every room, including the attic and crawlspace, is perfect without any cracks and gaps to jeopardize your house’s temperature.

This is a critical step, especially when you’re preparing to rent out your house to new tenants.

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Prepare the Fireplace for Frequent Use

One of the best parts about the fall is spending quality time with friends and family near your house’s fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. It’s one thing most people look forward to after making the most out of summer. When you’re ready for the cozy living room atmosphere, make sure the fireplace is all set for frequent and uninterrupted use.

This includes requesting annual chimney maintenance, wood replacement, and the inspection of the fireplace before you finally light it up. A step like this will significantly reduce the risk of home fires and many other incidents resulting from inadequate fireplaces.

Remember to always inquire about fireplace maintenance, especially when you’re undergoing residential relocation, anytime during or before the fall.

Get Warm Clothes and Bedding Out

When most of your home maintenance tasks are taken care of, it’s time to get to the fun part. Fall is all about warmth, coziness, and comfort. Therefore, there’s no better time to switch to a warmer wardrobe than today.

If you’ve been looking forward to styling new outfits for cooler weather, you should start by organizing older ones before buying new ones. This should primarily include warmer pants, sweatshirts, longer coats, fur coats, jackets, sweaters, and other similar clothing items.

Similarly, the last thing you want is your bed to keep you cold on a breezy fall night. Make sure you also switch to warmer bedding with cozy blankets and pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep at all times.

If you’ve moved into a new house during this time, feel free to request the unpacking services of your residential movers to make this process easier and a lot less overwhelming. This will significantly expedite the organizing process without resulting in clutter and confusion at any step.

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Turn On the Water Heater

The fall season often arrives unexpectedly, making the weather a bit chilly every passing day. Cold showers aren’t as enjoyable during this time as they were in the summers. Another important thing to do when trying to make your home ready for fall is to turn on the boiler or water heater to get access to warm water throughout the house.

If your house doesn’t have a water heater yet, start by determining whether to invest in a heater or a boiler to meet your house’s needs. This should also be a priority if you’re relocating to your new house.

A water heater with no faults or defects should always be a crucial requirement before you finally work with residential movers to move into a new house.

Revamp the House’s Entryway

One thing that many people don’t often realize is that seasonal changes impact a house’s entryway the most. The summer heat affects the entryway’s carpeting, the door’s color, and your home’s natural lighting. Similarly, winter always subjects the entryways to snowy shoeprints.

Fall comes with a lot of dust, wind, and muddy feet. Therefore, revamping your house’s entryway should be a crucial step when trying to let your house’s value or integrity remain unaffected by the weather.

This should include adding new carpeting, having your doors replaced or repaired, improving the windows’ insulation, and even painting the entryway walls a new color. The ultimate goal of a quick entryway revamp should be to keep your house clean and looking aesthetically perfect at all times, especially when you’re about to entertain guests for fall festivities.

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Clear Out the Gutters

If you live in an area with high chances of heavy rains and storms, you should always keep your house’s drainage in mind. Clogged drains and standing water are never good signs for a house’s structural integrity, comfort, and safety. The first step towards preventing such risks is to look at the house’s roof and clear out the gutters before they get clogged.

This process involves removing dust, debris, and grime from gutters. However, if you sense a bigger problem, you should consider hiring a professional roofer specializing in maintaining roofs for better drainage. Your new house should also have clean and damage-free gutter so that you don’t have to bear significant maintenance expenses later.

Remember to have the new house inspected for such issues before you work with residential movers or a moving company to kickstart your new house move.

Store Summer Supplies Elsewhere

As exciting as it may sound to finally get the fall season supplies out to get into the fall spirit, you may be wondering about what to do with all the spring and summer supplies that you’ve been using for the past months. This includes clothing, bedding, kitchenware, and other essentials.

It’s always a good idea to have additional storage space to keep such items safe before you need to use them again. However, if you’re running out of innovative storage ideas at home, you can always request storage services from reliable moving companies in your area.

These storage companies should be able to efficiently keep your items safe at all times and give you access to them whenever needed.

Declutter Before Buying New Things

Fall is an exciting time to go to the store and buy all the new things for seasonal decoration and maximum household comfort. As tempting as it might be to splurge on new fall supplies, make sure you’ve decluttered the house to make room for new items.

Decluttering is an excellent habit to have when you’re all about sprucing up your home according to the season. It allows you to recycle and donate items that you no longer need and make the best use of the things you already have. Similarly, if you’re relocating to a new home, it’s always a good idea to declutter before requesting the residential movers to help you pack or unpack.

Unpack Outdoor Furniture and Place It on the Patio

Fall is an excellent time to host parties and outdoor gatherings with friends and family members. If you have some outdoor furniture that hasn’t been used yet, now is the right time to unpack it and organize it efficiently for maximum functionality in your backyard or patio.

You can even work with residential movers by requesting their unpacking services to achieve this goal more effectively. This will instantly prep your home for the most joyful gatherings and festivities during the fall.

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