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Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage? Here’s How to Tell!

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Like Minorcan Moving & Storage, many other companies offer 2-in-1 moving and storage services in St Augustine, FL. When you start researching self-storage solutions, you will find that there are two types of storage units: climate-controlled and non-climate controlled.

Immediately, you will be faced with this challenge: which storage unit should you choose? Which one is right for you? In this guide, we’ll help you decide whether or not you need climate-controlled storage space.

What Will You Be Storing?

The main question you need to answer is: what items will you store inside the storage space? If it’s your household or office items like furniture, electronics, appliances, photographs, or important documents, you would need climate-controlled storage space. Anything that you have stored indoors would need climate and temperature control.

If you need a storage unit for your outdoor items like things you’ve stored in your shed or garage, then you won’t need climate and temperature control. A standard storage unit will work perfectly fine.

Climate-controlled storage warehouse with concrete floors

How To Store Your Items in Storage Spaces?

If you’ve opted for standard storage space, you need to pack and wrap your items loosely. Make sure you get on good quality packing materials or even moving blankets. This will ensure that dust doesn’t gather on your items. Since there will be no moisture or humidity control, wrapping your items loosely will also prevent moisture build-up.

For your climate-controlled spaces, there’s no need to wrap everything up and be meticulous about how you pack your stuff because humidity levels are controlled. However, if you want further protection, you can wrap your items.

What Does Climate-Controlled Storage Do?

Most clients assume that they don’t need climate-controlled storage spaces when it is cool outdoors. However, this assumption is false because climate control means more than just temperature control.

Fully climatized storage spaces also control the humidity level, so there is no moisture build-up on your valuables. Your items will be protected against Florida’s humidity. At Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine, FL, we have our storage spaces indoors, and your items are kept in optimal climate conditions and protected against external elements.

Both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage units at our facility are insured and insulated, with floor-to-ceiling walls and 24-hour video surveillance. We help store your items and protect everything from moisture and dust.

If you’re looking for local movers in St. Augustine who also offer storage solutions and international moving & storage, you can reach out to us.