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Why Renting Commercial Storage is Essential For Small Businesses in 2022

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In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of small businesses. Currently, 30.7 million small businesses are operating in the US. These businesses play a key role in bringing growth and innovation to a country’s economy.

Small business or startup owners usually lack the resources necessary for a proper office space or warehouse. They need space to store documents, supplies, inventory, spare equipment, and other necessary items.

If you as a business owner are unable to find a solution to this problem, the ideal solution for you is a commercial storage unit at Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine. Self-storage and commercial business units offer a variety of benefits for business owners.

There’s a reason the commercial self-storage market is booming. You can not only cost-effectively store your valuables but also stash away extra items that clutter your office space. It helps you run your business efficiently without any hiccups. Let’s take a look at why your small business needs one.

What Is Commercial Self Storage?

Commercial self-storage facilities rent out rooms, lockers, containers, and other unit spaces on a short or long-term basis. These self-storage units can be rented on monthly leases, but longer, extended contracts also exist. It depends on the company you’re choosing.

Individual tenants can also use self-storage units for anything. However, with the growing popularity of these storage units, businesses can now rent a space for various commercial purposes.

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Why Do Small Businesses Need Self-Storage Units?

Renting out a storage unit is very efficient for small businesses as they can offload their excess inventory and merchandise into a self-storage unit. It can also be used to secure important archived documents safely. Businesses can also store seasonal merchandise like Halloween, Christmas, or New Year items.

Self-storage units can also store spare furniture, equipment, and tools. If a business is relocating, these units are great for temporary storage while transferring things between locations. Many renters also use commercial movers and storage in St Augustine for storing household goods; however, these units are only built for business use.

What Do Storage Facilities Have To Offer?

Each self-storage company is different in terms of its services and what they have to offer. The main purpose of these facilities is to make moving and storing valuable possessions convenient for the tenants.

Some facilities may also offer additional services like packing, loading, and offloading goods. Their staff can organize everything into labeled packages and store the boxes in designated units to make the moving process easier.

Since most businesses use commercial storage units for storing valuable inventory, documents, and office equipment, it’s a must for these storage facilities to offer proper security and safety. Many companies have partnered with third-party insurance providers to offer storage unit insurance.

Storage unit insurance is essential in case of any theft or loss due to fire or water damage. You can also get insurance on your own for any specific items. Always make you check with a storage company about their insurance policy before renting out their units.

Tenants also have separate access to their private rented units. The general public doesn’t have access to these commercial storage units because they are for businesses only. Compared to storing your items in a warehouse, self-storage facilities offer greater security and exclusivity.

Commercial self-storage units at Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine have security cameras for 24-hour surveillance. There’s a 72-hour notice period before anyone can access the facility. Always look for alarm-protected units.

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Types of Storage Units

As the popularity of storage units has grown, so has the demand. Storage facilities now offer different storage units to cater to increasingly specific demands. Different types of small businesses can benefit from each type.

  1. First, you have the basic self-storage unit. It’s a clean and secure space that can be used for anything. Tenants can use it to store their personal belongings, including household or business furniture. These units come in different sizes.
  2. Next up, you have commercial storage units. These are only for commercial storage and not for residential or personal use. These units come in different sizes as well.
  3. Vehicle storage units are large enclosed spaces where you can store or park your vehicles like RVs, cars, trucks, boats, canoes, and motorcycles.
  4. And finally, you have climate or temperature-controlled storage units. These are designed especially for those items that require a particular temperature range. Humidity can damage many things, and climate-controlled units maintain the moisture level in the air.

Benefits of Renting a Commercial Storage Unit

Businesses can rent out a self-storage unit from any commercial movers and storage in St. Augustine. These units are just like any other asset for a small business. If you’re wondering why you would ever need a commercial storage unit, here are some key benefits.

Decreases Clutter

Like any extra space, a storage unit can help you reduce clutter. It’s an effective way to store unused but important business items without compromising their safety. You can also use it as a warehouse where you store your seasonal merchandise and extra inventory until you need it.

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Security and Insurance for Valuables

Small businesses that operate from an incubator or a home office can impose risks and hazards to others in the same space. These risks can be hazardous tools like hammers or drills lying around. With a self-storage unit, these tools and other equipment can be kept out of reach to minimize risks.

Additionally, insured storage units are great for ensuring there is no risk of damage to your valuables. When you have inventory, merchandise, or important documents stored inefficiently, they can be damaged. In a storage facility, you can rest assured that your possessions are insured.

Storage for Large Items

Does your business own vehicles or other large items that are crucial for your business? You might not have the appropriate storage for them; this is where self-storage units can help you. You can use storage facilities to accommodate your bigger items.

Exclusive Access

As we mentioned, most companies offering moving and storage in St. Augustine, FL, have proper security protocols. This also includes exclusive access. The general public can not enter any private self-storage units. Only the tenants have the lock, key, and entry or access codes for their unit.

You are always advised not to share access codes or give the keys to anyone else. This is sensitive information, and if you don’t share it, you’re adding a layer of security for your valuables.

Smooth Business Relocation

If you are planning to move and relocate your small business to a different location, you will need moving and storage services in St Augustine, Fl. From packing things like furniture, tools, equipment, and documents to transferring them, everything is time-consuming and expensive.

If you want a cost-effective way to relocate your business, you can use a self-storage unit. This ensures everything is happening efficiently, and you save on additional transportation expenses.

Freeing Up Office Space

Transferring to a larger office space isn’t possible for most small businesses, and renting rooms for storage can be out of budget.

You can make the most out of your current office and store anything you don’t immediately need in a self-storage unit. Keeping these things offsite will help you optimize the use of your working space.

Accessible and Convenient

Self-storage units offer accessibility to the tenants. All you have to do is notify the facility before you visit. You will need your access key codes, and then you can easily retrieve the items you have stored.

And lastly, the best benefit of commercial storage units and why they are designed in the first place is convenience. Just like trolleys and trucks assist you when you’re moving your belongings, a storage unit will be perfect for storing them.

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Types of Small Businesses Using Self Storage

Minorcan Moving and Storage in St. Augustine’s self-storage has proven to be a brilliant solution for many industries. Climate-controlled commercial storage units are good for most businesses and can store any documents, inventories, tools, and equipment.

Retail and ECommerce

Many online businesses in the retail or eCommerce industry can benefit from extra storage. This is because even if their physical store has space, self-storage units can help them manage their inventory, supplies, and marketing materials better without risking the integrity of anything.

Construction Subcontractors

Subcontractors who work in the construction industry don’t have office spaces. However, they still require some room for stashing their supply and tools. This can be sheetrock, cement, nails, and lumber. Heavier items along with these supplies can be transported to a storage facility for ease and convenience.


Landscapers don’t have office space to store supplies, equipment, and tools. They can use a commercial storage unit. These units will be perfect for them as they can store what they don’t need and only take what they do for a particular project.

Food & Beverage

The food, beverage, and catering industry can also benefit from additional space. They have a lot of stock and excess supplies, including tools and equipment needed for catering or restaurants. Small business owners can only manage a small space, and moving to a bigger workplace would increase expenses.

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Which Should You Choose A Business Storage Unit For Your Small Business?

Most large businesses opt for mobile trailers for additional storage. These trailers are used for commercial storage, and as you can tell by the name, these trailers can be transported to any location.

So, why should your business go for a business storage unit? Well, the answer is simple. Small businesses have limited budgets, and due to their financial constraints, a mobile trailer is not a cost-effective option.

Additionally, small businesses can benefit from storage facilities and won’t need portable storage because they don’t have that much equipment, tools, or inventory to store. Renting out a bigger space would be of no use.

Mobile trailers charge more for a climate-controlled environment. Whereas, when you go for climate-controlled storage space, you won’t have to pay additional as most companies already offer this feature.

And lastly, commercial storage units are much safer and more secure. Your valuables will be vulnerable to break-ins and theft in a mobile trailer or rented room. Business storage facilities have an on-site security team and property manager. Your items are protected by video surveillance, access codes, and insurance.

Renting a Commercial Self-Storage Unit

After reading this guide, you should be able to decide if a self-storage commercial unit is suitable for your business. Now, the next step is to find a location near you where storage facilities are available.

Once you find a unit nearby, you can reserve it. The easiest way to do this is by reaching out directly to the company. You can call or visit their facility. Make sure you discuss the duration of your lease, features, discounts, insurance, and how long the unit will be reserved by the facility. You can also discuss other queries and concerns to ease your mind.

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