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Everything You Need to Know About Climate Controlled Storage

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If you’re looking for climate-controlled storage units, you probably already know a little about self-storage facilities. More than 10.5% of households in the US have rented storage units. It’s a growing market, and it’s projected to reach $64.71 billion by 2027.

Renting a storage facility is a great way to store your belongings in case of home or office renovation, moving and relocating, or decluttering. You can also find storage units near you that will work as a grace space for your vehicles.

Climate-controlled storage units are highly beneficial facilities that offer temperature control. You can opt for these units if you require some temperature control for the items you will be storing. These units cost more than your standard variants, and you can store your belongings for longer.

You can protect your items as they sit in the storage unit by preventing moisture accumulation or pest infestation. Keep reading this guide to know more about climate-controlled storage units and reach out to your nearest residential and commercial movers and storage in St. Augustine.

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

The main purpose of climate-controlled storage units is to preserve your belongings at a constant temperature. You can choose the temperature or stick with the average temperature that will be like the temperature at your home.

Humidity also matters in these units because you want to avoid moisture buildup in your storage unit. Humidity is essentially the concentration of water vapor in the air. If you live in an area with higher temperatures, it’s like there’s that there is more water vapor in the air.

You can store your belongings in a temperature-controlled storage unit to avoid increased humidity due to higher temperatures. Such storage units are perfect for warmer areas. The humidity and temperature are kept constant within a given range, and moisture buildup is significantly reduced.

Climate or temperature-controlled units are available in indoor storage unit facilities. You can skip the standard storage units and opt for climate-controlled storage units for extra protection. These units have humidity control, air conditioning, and heated storage options.

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Which Items Need Climate Controlled Storage?

You can use climate control in self-storage units if you know the right items to store. While you can keep anything and everything in climate-controlled storage units, some things need such units to make sure they’re preserved, and damage is avoided.

So which items require climate control? Let’s take a look.


Mold can grow on leather furniture if stored in damp or humid weather conditions. Wooden furniture can warp or crack and rot if moisture starts to build up. Anything made of leather, wood, or fabric will suffer.

If mold starts to form, you can’t eliminate the smell it accompanies. However, you can easily avoid mold forming on leather furniture by storing your items in humidity and climate-controlled storage units.


Electronic items can also develop rust if stored in damp or humid conditions. When this happens, it can be detrimental to the conductivity of your device and cause it to stop working or malfunction.

Electronics cost a lot, and you don’t want to invest in one only to let it deteriorate slowly over time. You can store your items in a climate-controlled storage unit and protect your investment. Whether you want to store your household items or office equipment, climate-controlled storage units are excellent options.

Antique figurines

Antiques and Artwork

Again, moisture can damage your items, and you want to protect valuables from mold. Mold damage due to moisture can damage your paintings. If these are antique paintings, they will be ruined because of humidity.

Your antique accessories or decor pieces are also at risk. Humidity can cause cracking, warping, or rust. To protect your items from these things you can’t control, you can opt for services offering moving and storage in St. Augustine, FL.

Documents, Paperwork, and Photographs

Important documents, paper for your office, and irreplaceable photographs need to be stored in climate-controlled conditions. If you don’t, moisture can build up and cause everything to warp or disintegrate when stored. For all records and essential photos, you need climate-controlled storage options.

Musical Instruments

If you own musical instruments, you know how storing them is such a hassle. They’re either made out of wood or are electronic, and storing them in humid or damp conditions will damage them beyond repair. You can keep them in climate-controlled units for protection.

Boxes of wine stored at Minorcan moving & storage in St Augustine


For storing wine, you need the perfect temperature. Anything too low or too high, and your wine is spoiled! For ideal storage conditions for your wine and humidity control, you can use long-term storage that your nearest storage facility offers. You can check out Minorcan Moving & Storage in St Augustine.


Collectibles like stamps, comic books, coins, and other valuable items need proper storage, or they can get damaged. You want storage that prevents moisture and provides ideal humidity and temperature control. Climate-controlled storage units are the way to go!


Clothes made of fabric and leather could become a victim to mildew and mold if not stored in climate-controlled units. You might end up throwing away such clothing. For long-term storage, climate-controlled storage can help you care for your clothing.

Makeup palette

Makeup and Other Items

Makeup is also susceptible to damage if not stored in the right conditions for a long time. Heat causes water and oil in your makeup, skincare, and toiletries to separate, making them unusable.

Other items made out of metal need ideal storage conditions in the long run. If you use standard units for storage, pests can easily infest them. Some items might also become discolored. Climate-controlled units allow you to reduce any damage from occurring, especially when storing something for a longer period.

How Long Will You Be Storing?

You need to figure out how long you will rent a storage unit. As we mentioned, in the long run, standard storage units can not warrant complete protection of your items from external environmental conditions.

If you’re going to store your belongings for a maximum of two months during fall or spring, you can skip climate-controlled storage units. However, your belongings will need protection from the extreme temperatures in winter and summer.

It’s wiser to rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit through companies that offer services like moving and storage in St Augustine, FL. However, only you can decide how long you will need the storage unit. You can always get self-storage insurance if you’re going to be using any type of storage unit.

Types of Climate Controlled Storage Units

If you’re looking for the right climate-controlled storage units nearby, you first need to understand each option. Some common types are humidity-controlled, air-cooled, and heated storage units.

Heated Storage

If you live in cooler areas where low temperatures are prevalent, you will need heated storage units. Heated units have warm temperatures and the ideal environment for protecting your items under extreme temperatures.

The temperature in St. Augustine, FL, is usually cooler than in other states. If you live in St. Augustine, you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit at Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine.

Air-Cooled Storage

For areas with intense heat most of the year,  air-conditioned and cooled storage units are the right choice. These storage units have colder air coming through the vents, and water vapor concentration is high in these units. To keep your items fresh, you can use air-cooled storage units.

Humidity-Controlled Storage

Humidity control is essential for most items, as we have discussed. A storage unit with humidity control will help you store your delicate belongings in a specific, stable humidity range. This way, you can avoid moisture buildup.

Things to Consider When Renting Climate Controlled Storage

There are certain factors you need to consider when renting climate-controlled storage units. For long-term options, you will need a storage unit with conditions ideal for your possessions. To ensure your things remain protected under varying external conditions, you should go for a climate-controlled storage unit.

Temperature controls help you eliminate problems related to humidity. For areas with high humidity and a hot climate, you need climate control to reduce moisture damage that would ruin your items.

On the contrary, you can opt for normal, standard storage units with no temperature and climate control for short-term storage. However, for storing items mentioned above, you need climate control.

The key is understanding when to pick climate control for storage. Always make sure to learn everything about a company’s storage units. Most climate-controlled units are smaller. However, a good climate-controlled storage unit will be organized similarly to a standard unit.

Men in a moving and storage unit

Choosing a Storage Company

Which company is the best for Climate Controlled Storage Units, and how can you pick? The biggest factor which will impact your decision is the cost. However, there are other things you can consider when choosing a storage facility.

  • Location: For most people, location is a preference when choosing a storage facility. Long trips aren’t ideal, and people want to access their possessions quickly. If you live in St. Augustine, you would want a company offering moving and storage in St. Augustine, FL.
  • Video surveillance: People want to know who enters their storage unit. This is a basic requirement that most storage facilities offer. If something goes wrong, you would need videotape proof.
  • Alarm-fitted units: If you want to be the only one accessing your units, you can choose a storage unit with video surveillance, electric gates, and individual alarms that alert you when someone enters or tries to break in.
  • Keyed or coded access: This is a great feature for storage units. It’s a must and pretty standard.
  • On-site staff: On-site security managers are necessary for inquiry and protection.
  • Pest protection: Whether you opt for a standard unit or climate-controlled, you need pest protection, so your belongings don’t gather mildew and mold. Pests can destroy and damage everything.

Lastly, just like choosing any other service, always perform due diligence and do your research. Consult with the company and gather information to make a well-informed final decision. Minorcan Moving and Storage in St. Augustine is here to help you.

Why Choose Minorcan Moving and Storage Services?

At Minorcan Moving & Storage, we take pride in offering quality services. We provide you with solutions for moving and storage in St. Augustine, Florida. Whether you want to use our storage facility for a few months or longer, we assure complete protection and security. Your valuables are safe with us.

We offer storage facilities for residential and commercial use. We also provide international moving & storage services in St Augustine. If you are moving and relocating or want a clean private warehouse with alarm protection and insurance, you can contact us. Our storage units have 24-hour surveillance monitoring.

We make sure your items are protected, and if you choose our private storage, the general public can not access it. If security is your main concern, you can visit our storage units during the day. We have a 2-in-1 commercial mover and storage service for your business’s storage needs.

Our moving team will pack, wrap, store, and transport your items. At Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine, we guarantee proper communication without any trouble. We’re a family-owned business, and we promise you quality services. Reach out to us today to learn more.