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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Commercial Storage Unit

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The self-storage unit facilities industry has undergone exponential growth in recent years. More than 10.6% of households in the US own a residential storage unit.

There are various reasons why businesses can opt for commercial storage units.

Commercial storage units can help businesses store their documents, raw materials, or extra inventory. They can make more space in their offices, and if they’re expanding or moving, commercial moving companies in St. Augustine with storage units are the best choice.

There are different ways businesses can use commercial storage units. They can choose from standard storage and temperature or climate-controlled units, depending on the items stored. Most commercial movers and storage in St. Augustine have temperature-controlled ones

In this guide, we’ll be discussing commercial storage units in detail, including their important features and how businesses can utilize these units.

What Are Commercial Storage Units?

They are facilities customers can rent to store their possessions and belongings temporarily. Businesses can also rent commercial storage units for a variety of other reasons. From expanding a product range to moving or relocating to needing more office space—a storage unit can be highly beneficial for any business.

Your business can depend on a commercial storage unit if you want to store your belongings in a safe and secure environment. Renting one is better than renting an entire office space, warehouse, or building just for storage.

Unless you want to extend your operations to another office space, you are better off renting a storage unit. It’s a cost-effective way of storing your items, and you can easily access everything when the need arises.

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Types of Storage

Standard Storage

You have two main options for commercial storage. The first one is standard storage. It’s the same as storing your belongings in a rented room or garage. There are risks like fire, water, or rodent damage due to improper ventilation or temperature control.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Temperature or climate-controlled storage units can preserve your items. These units have a constant temperature, which you can adjust depending on your belongings.

Humidity is also a huge factor when it comes to avoiding any moisture build-up and water damage. If the water vapor concentration is high, your belongings can get damaged. This is especially true for areas with warmer temperatures.

To avoid any moisture or humidity because of higher temperatures, commercial storage units are the best option. They have temperature controls and are ideal for warmer or humid areas. You can choose an optimal temperature and humidity level or range, which will significantly reduce the moisture build-up.

If you’re looking for temperature-controlled storage units with humidity control, air conditioning, and heated storage options, you can check out your nearest commercial movers and storage in St. Augustine.

Benefits of Renting Commercial Storage Units

There are many reasons why commercial storage units are growing in popularity. More and more businesses are now renting out such units, and the market worth is predicted to reach $64.71 billion by 2027.

Keeping Track of Stock

It can be hard to keep track of your in-stock items or inventory. Small businesses usually don’t have a dedicated storage space, backroom, or warehouse with racks, cabinets, or shelves. Plus, those operating from their homes can benefit from commercial storage units.

If you’re running out of space and want to move your excess inventory, a commercial storage unit can help you manage everything better. You can easily access your inventory and efficiently keep track of everything.

Solution for All Businesses

It doesn’t matter which industry you operate in, if you’re an e-commerce business, or if you’re a freelancer. Freelance artists can benefit from storage units to store their paintings, tools, and other products. It keeps all items protected from external elements and stores them in an organized manner.

Reduce Workspace Clutter

For small business owners or entrepreneurs with smaller office spaces, avoiding clutter can be challenging. To effectively manage and reduce your workplace clutter, renting a commercial storage unit is a great option. This way, you can put away the things you won’t be needing or using every day and make space for other things.

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Advanced Security

Non-profits or small businesses are mostly working from coworking incubators. In such spaces, there aren’t many ways to store your items safely. For proper safety, you will need a storage facility with high-security levels, including gated entry and security cameras.

Product Range Expansion

If you’re going to be expanding your current product range and you don’t want to move to a larger office space, you can easily rent a commercial storage unit and store your inventory there. This will also allow you to free up some space for your files and paperwork.

Cost-Effective Solution

Commercial storage units are cost-effective. After the global economic downturn, most businesses are on a tight budget. Whether you’re a retail shop owner or a self-employed contractor, it can be hard to relocate in search of larger storage space.

Instead of overspending, you can pay less and rent out a commercial storage unit. You won’t have to break your bank, and you can easily continue your business operations. Storage units are cost-effective, and you can save money.

Hard copies of files

Save Hard Copies

The best way to store important and valuable files or documents is by keeping their hard copies in a separate facility. You might need hard copies for different legal reasons, and with a commercial storage unit, you can rest assured that everything is protected in a safe and secure environment.


Commercial storage units offer convenience and accessibility. If you rent a unit from your nearest commercial movers and storage in St. Augustine, you can easily visit the site during working hours and access your belongings.


Standard storage units do not warrant complete safety and protection for your stored items. If you want to protect your items from environmental conditions, you can opt for climate-controlled units.

If you need a commercial storage unit for more than two months, you should go for a climate-controlled storage unit. This will ensure your belongings are protected from extreme cold or warm temperatures.

However, if you want to store for less than two months or during spring or fall, you can choose a standard commercial storage unit. For complete safety and protection, we recommend selecting services that offer moving and storage in St Augustine, FL, with a climate-controlled unit.

Things to Consider When Looking for Commercial Storage Units

Maybe you’re expanding your business or product range, or you need more storage space for inventory items or raw materials. Or perhaps you just want to de-clutter your office space and remove documents and files. If your business is looking for a commercial storage unit, here are some things you can consider before you choose a commercial storage facility.


The appearance of a storage facility matters. If the storage units look unkempt and the entire facility is poorly managed, how can you be sure they will take proper care of your belongings? A good look at the storage facility and area will make your decision easier.


If you want accessibility and convenience, ensure your commercial storage unit is close to your office or business location. If you rent a unit that’s too far, it might cause problems. So to avoid unnecessary hassles in case you urgently need something, choose that are nearby.


Security is perhaps one of the most important aspects of self-storage units. It should be a priority for most businesses if they will be storing highly valuable documents or stock. Ensure your commercial storage facility has locked gates, key code access, and premium quality locks.

You can also look for facilities with enclosed compounds or storage units in a warehouse with no public access. With Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine, you can rest assured that your storage units are only accessible by you and not the general public. Check for CCTV coverage and proper security staff available.

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Smoke or Fire Alarms

If you’re using a commercial storage unit for highly flammable items, there can be fire hazards. Most businesses don’t store combustible materials; however, it’s always good to have proper detection systems and smoke and fire alarms.

Storage Size

Storage size is the most important aspect as you don’t want to rent a facility but still struggle to find space. Ensure you properly measure the items you will store and rent a storage unit accordingly.

If you rent a commercial storage unit that’s too small, you would have to empty the unit every time you’re searching for something. Rent the right storage space, so you have ample space even after storing everything. Plan ahead so you won’t have to constantly move things or rent a larger unit when you run out of space.

Access Hours

Always check for the storage facility’s access hours. Some might have easy and convenient access, but with companies like Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine, some facilities will require a notice before you can access them, especially their private warehouse.

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Extra Services

Some storage companies also offer extra services like moving, packing, loading, and unloading your items. A great company will offer these services, and you can easily rely on them. Look for companies that offer commercial moving and storage in St. Augustine and take advantage of those 2-in-1 services.

Make sure you choose companies that properly pack your items and safely load, transport, and unload them into your storage unit. With clear communication and assurance about a company’s services, your moving and storing problems can be easily solved.


Lastly, always look for commercial storage units which come with storage insurance. It’s essential that your items are stored in an insured unit, whether the insurance comes with the storage unit or you privately source it.

Lastly, just like choosing any other service, always perform due diligence and do your research. Consult with the company and gather information to make a well-informed final decision. Minorcan Moving and Storage in St. Augustine is here to help you.

Find the Best Moving and Storage in St. Augustine, FL

At Minorcan Moving & Storage, we take pride in offering quality services. We offer a 2-in-1 solution through our moving and storage in St. Augustine, Florida. If you want to store your inventory or documents, you can rely on us. We guarantee complete protection and security, and your belongings are safe with us.

For our 2-in-1 commercial mover and storage service, you can reach out to us or visit our site during the daytime to learn more. We offer private storage, which the general public can’t access, and we also have advanced security for your commercial storage needs.

Our storage facility is also for residential international moving & storage services in St Augustine. Whether you’re moving or relocating, you can rest assured that your items are stored in a clean private warehouse with alarm protection and insurance. Our storage units also have 24-hour surveillance monitoring.

We have a dedicated moving team that will pack, wrap, load, transport, unload, and store your items. At Minorcan Moving & Storage in St. Augustine, we ensure proper communication without any hassles. We’re a family-owned business, and we promise you quality services. Reach out to us today to learn more.